Glen Coe

This is the Scotland I love: Rough weather and a rough landscape of an untamed beauty. I found this little bridge in Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands.

Back to Munich

On our flight back to Munich early in the morning I captured this view of the Bavarian countryside. I find it quite amazing how evenly spread all these little farms are.


Being back in Kathmandu is almost unreal. All the noise, the many people, narrow alleys are a huge contrast compared to what we were just  able to experience in the Himalayas.

Hidden in Clouds

Getting up early to return to Lukla we’re treated with a spectacular view: Mount Lhotse hiding in clouds in the most beautiful fashion we could possibly imagine.


…and dwarfs: All of a sudden we feel very small, dwarfed by the huge mountains surrounding our place. Way to put our little everyday problems into perspective.


We made it! This the view we finally get to see. Mount Everest and it’s famous cloud indicating wind speeds on top of the world’s highest mountain.


On our second leg we had to pass several suspension bridges. The Hillary Bridge is one of the better-known ones and even had an appearance in the 2015 movie “Everest”.